Information of Researchers at Fukuoka University

■ Faculty of Science  Department of Applied Mathematics,  Assistant Professor 

Mitsuishi Ayato 


    Academic Achievement

    Academic Paper ( 5)
    1. Collapsing three-dimensional closed Alexandrov spaces with a lower curvature bound
      •   2015
    2. Stability of strongly Lipschitz contractible balls in Alexandrov spaces
      •   2014
    3. ocally Lipschitz contractibility of Alexandrov spaces and its applications
      •   2014
    4. The Gromov-Hausdorff distances between Alexandrov spaces of curvature bounded below by 1 and the standard spheres
      •   2011
    5. A splitting theorem for infinite dimensional Alexandrov spaces with nonnegative curvature and its applications
      •   2010