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■ Faculty of Science  Department of Chemistry,  Associate Professor 

FUKUDA Masatora 

1977/5/4  Male

[ Research Field ]
  • Living Organism Molecular Science
  • Nucleic acid drug
  • Chemistry Related to Living Body
  • Functional Material Chemistry


Last Update  :  2022/7/15

  • Ph.D. (Energy Science)(2007年 Kyoto University)
Research Theme
  • Evaluation of the molecular mechanism of intracellular RNA editing and development of the method for regulating and applying the RNA editing
  • Analysis of the regulatory mechanism for gene expression by functional RNA molecules
  • Novel guide-RNA strategy for a site-directed RNA mutagenesis utilizing an intracellular A-to-I RNA editing
  • Development of a novel nucleic acid medicine based on the RNA editing oligonucleotide
Academic AchievementAcademic Achievement(Publication/Academic Paper/Report/Presentation/Other Achievement)
Association Memberships
  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Biochemical Society
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