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KOHNO Atsushi 


[ Research Field ]
  • Property and Crystallography of thin film
  • Ferroelectric Thin Films on Silicon Substrate, Structral Properties and Electrical Characteristics, Analytical Techniques of Thin Film Properties
  • Structural analysis of thin film, surface interface, nano-structures by X-ray reflection and diffraction methods
  • control of material properties by using laser melting
  • Control of supersaturated state of impurities in Si by laser melting and research for new functional materials
  • Structural and electrical properties of silicon nanocrystal, and its memory device application


Last Update  :  2022/1/24

  • Master of Science(1992年 九州大学)
  • Doctor of Science(1996年 Kyushu University)
Research Theme
  • Study on Ferroelectric Thin Film
  • Structural analysis of thin film and interface by using synchrotron light and its application to materials evaluation
  • study for control of size distribution and arrangement of nano-structured dielectrics
  • Study on Silicon Quantum Dot Memory Devices
  • Propeties of silicon supersaturated with imuprity atoms by pulse laser melting method
  • synthesis of aligned nano-porous thin film and formation of nanoparticles in nano-pores
  • Study on properties of ferroelectric nanodot and research of ferroelectric nanodot devices.
Academic AchievementAcademic Achievement(Publication/Academic Paper/Report/Presentation/Other Achievement)
Themes for joint Research(Plan)
  • Control of material properties by laser melting method and research for new functions in silicon related materials
Association Memberships
  • Materials Reserch Society of Japan
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