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■ Faculty of Science  Department of Chemistry,  Associate Professor 



[ Research Field ]
  • Physical chemistry of solutions

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Last Update  :  2022/9/17

[Undergraduate School]
1993   Doshisha University   Faculty of Engineering       Graduated
[Graduate School]
1998   Doshisha University   Graduate School, Division of Engineering     Doctor course   Completed
  • Doctor(Engineering)  (   Physical Chemistry   Doshisha University   Coursework   )
Research Areas
  1. Physical chemistry of solutions
Research Theme
  1. Study on Liquid Structure and Dynamics by NMR, X-ray diffraction, and neutron scattering
    • Keyword/ NMR,X-ray dittration,Liquid Structure
    • Categories of the Application for Scientiffic Research Subsidies of the MEXT/ Basic chemistry
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Tel/ +81-92-871-6631
Fax/ +81-92-865-6030